The Afrikan Union 
6th Region National Afrikan Diaspora






The AU Diaspora, as currently defined by the AU, is composed of African and African descendants residing in the USA, Canada, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, and Brazil (Western Hemisphere) and in Europe. 
In Africa itself (repatriated Africans), in the Middle East Region, and in Asia, there are also people, who can well argue that they too are members of the Diaspora community.

It is one of the understood guidelines from the AU that neither one individual nor one current organization in these geographical areas can, or is expected to, adequately represent the diverse interests of the Diaspora at the AU meetings. However, it will be through the existing civil society/community-based organizations that such AU representation will be organized and chosen. 

Towards October 2007, there was only a little more than four months left for realizing the mobilization of the African Diaspora Community in the European Region to reach consensus about the Diaspora Agenda and the election of the AU Representatives Europe Region. It is thus of great importance that the Diaspora in the Europe Region States get involved in the decision-making process. 
s a major recommendation, the workgroup strongly suggested that members from the Holland ADCC and their experts have communications with the African Diaspora partners in the other Europe Region (centres) to properly explain how Holland has implemented its method and how the other regions can do the same thing, which will hopefully lead to at least Community Councils in every European Region, if not fully elected AU Diasporan Representatives from each area. This needs to be accomplished before the scheduled September Europe Diaspora Regional Assembly. 


On Regional Europe Level the proposed objectives for the first AU African Diaspora Europe Region “Town Hall” Consultation Meeting are: 

  • The information and mobilization of the African Diaspora Community in Europe Region;
  • The decision-making process/dialogue/agreement on a managing (=Steering) and monitoring structure (working/organization, formation and communication structure on local/grassroots level, National and Regional level) as well as a Fundraising strategy;
  • The decision-making process/dialogue/agreement on the Program of Topics of Concerns (The Agenda) the Europe Region towards an overall Diaspora Agenda;
  • The preparation activities towards the Summit in October 2007 in South Africa;
  • The decision-making process/dialogue/agreement on continuing to organize those parts of Europe missed in this first opportunity to coalesce, and a discussion about any problems and advice on continuing to implement the selection criteria and the election process from the adapted Holland Methodology. This is also in relation to the invitation of the AU for the election of 20 members with the purpose to taking their seats during the ECOSOCC Summit in December 2007.

On behalf of the AU 6th Region African Diaspora Facilitators Working Group Europe Region including the Netherlands

Mrs. Barryl A Biekman
AUADS (African Union African Diaspora) Facilitator Europe Region
PADU/Pan African Diaspora Union Facilitator Europe Region/
PANAFSTRAG EUROPE/NL: Facilitator Europe Region African Diaspora Liaison